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Late fees and eviction

I have a tenant who owes some late fees,some deposit and returned ck charge $360.00 but he doesn't want to pay the late fees. I won't accept part of paymt he has owed since Aug.On Aug 23rd he signed a paper saying he would pay the money on Sept 15th but didn't happen,so I want to give him a 30 day eviction notice is that the first step?And if so that will put him into the last wk of Oct so doesn't he still have to pay rent for the days he is there in Oct ? He signed a 12 month rental agreement.He also added locks to doors and the police have been called out twice over things.
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I believe that if any illegal activity has occurred, you may immediately proceed with an eviction. Do a little research or call your local court house to verify the forms required for your state/city/county.
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