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Move-Out Inspection Guidelines?

What are they for Virginia?  I moved out July 31, cleaned everything and reported no damage, however my previous landlord is charging me for dirty conditions and a ruined carpet.  The Landlord carried out the inspection on September 1, 32 days AFTER i moved out and 30 days after a NEW tenant moved in.  They also missed the 14-day deadline to notify me of deductions by 29 days.  I really don't want to take this to small claims court.  Any advice on the matter would be greatly appreciated.

LH, how frustrating. The only way to possibly get your funds back, would most likely be through litigation. You could attempt to draft a letter stating you plan to pursue such in an effort to gain back some funds. Good Luck.
He did an inspection 32 days after you moved AND 30 days after a new tenant moved in...confusing. Please clarify.
UPDATE:  The Landlord signed the Post-Inspection form September 1.  However, he inspected August 2.  I found this out yesterday, October 12.  He had evidence that the inspection really took place August 2 and I agreed to some of the charges.    The issue was the fact that he had misrepresented the date in which the inspection took place on the Post-Inspection form.  But since I hadn't really had any problems with him as a landlord before hand and was in fact responsible for partial 'damages' (only by definition of 'common area'), I settled for partial charges.    This has been resolved.  Thanks for your help.  L
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