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What are my options?  Rent owed, house completely trashed

Hi, I have a tenant that just moved out in Illinos owing me 3 months rent  and hadn't signed the lease again in that time. The house is trashed..holes in the walls, broken windows, electrical sockets pused into the wall 4 or more inches, holes in the attic ceiling, I mean you name it  floors ruined ,brand new laminat flooring all water damaged. I have pictures of before they moved in, I mean this seems criminal to me. Walls are disgusting with dirt and writing on them. What do I do next?  We don't know if we should even try to keep this house as we have medical issues.  I don't know how people can live like this. Any answers appreciated.

The best thing about going to court on them is that it will be on their permanent record and they will then have a harder time renting from anyone else.  The bad side is that you'll see that they will rent from a landlord who doesn't care, and then the flip side will be they will do the same thing to them.  And no, this has not happened to everyone at least once. Never happened to me in 4 years of being a landlord. Not everyone are pigs.  Just have to screen really well.
Almost every landlord has found themselves in a similar situation at least once, most multiple times I would guess. I know i have. You can take them to court and get a judgement for all damages and back rent then go after them and garnish wages if they work and you can track them down. In my experience most times you will get little to no satisfaction and it will take a lot of time and even more of your money at least they are gone and you can start the process of getting the home back in shape.  Some people are just pigs.
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