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Tenants moving out- Normal wear and tear

We have tenants moving out after 2 1/2 years.  What is considered normal wear and tear?  How do you determine this?  Also they were supposed to give 60 day notice and only giving 49, I do not plan to be a stickler about this unless we are unable to get a new tenant in place prior to the date they say they will be out.  Any suggestions? Thanks! G.S. IL
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Normal wear and tear includes deterioration of the premises that occurs during normal conditions. For example, paint may fade, electrical switches may wear out and break, pull strings on blinds may fray or break , carpet and tile may wear down. These things happen even if the tenant cleans regularly and cares for the premises reasonably. Damage occurs from unreasonable use or accidents. Damage can include extreme build up of dirt, mold, etc., stains on carpets, and broken windows.
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