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Problem tanant question?

Good day everyone,   Can I evict this tenant?  I'll leave the majority of the details out as it's quite long. Ask if you need more details. Sorry if it's already to long.   I have a tenant who has been nothing but problems since I took over the property 4 months ago, she did sign a 12 month lease.   She has caused the other tenants in the building to pay a penalty to break there lease because she used to watch them all hours of the day, jump on the floor when she heard anything from them and writing them nasty messages on facebook telling them she would be reporting everything to me. To be clear the noise she was complaining about was regular noise that would happen during the daytime not the nighttime.    There was a leak in the bathroom tap. She called and said the tap was leaking so bad she had to put a bucket under it and empty it every day to keep it under control. My keyholder made at least three attempts to go have a look at it and each time she called and very aggressively told my keyholder not to dare go into her house when she isn't home. I called and gave her 48 hours notice (only 24 required) that someone would be going into the house. She told me that it would be on her terms and this is when I put her in her place indicating that I will ensure that my property is maintained and no incurring any further damage. The day that my keyholder was supposed to go in she called him and said that I didn't provide proper notice and to not dare go in. Needless to say my keyholder went in. She came home from work to yell at him about what a terrible person I was.  I waited a day to call her because I felt it was time to tell her what the both of our roles and responsibilities are. It turns out that she answered her phone but thought she ignored it. She then had a conversation about me and my property and how it is her house because she pays the rent and she makes the rules.   Unfortunately I called her back and lost my cool. I didn't swear or anything like that but I told her where she sits as a tenant and what the rules would be.   A month has passed and she has called my keyholder with the same tap issue (it was fixed with a new seal) Also about her electricity bill as it is higher then normal. She thinks I turned off the heat in the other apartment so she would have a higher bill ( I just paid the other bill as it is vacant and trust me it is not off.   I tried to call her however received no answer I left a message. She then texted my keyholder and said that she will not return my calls because I cause her to much stress and she would be seeing someone about it. She has made it clear from day one before any issues that if I want to speak to her I have to leave a message and she'll get back to me if she wants to.   This lady will not respond to my emails, texts or return my calls.   What do you think?  

Sorry the forum deleted my paragraphs. Can I fix this?
No, the forum doesn't allow paragraphs.  Not sure why.
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