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Tenant Notice with Pit Bull

Please help.  We feel terrible.  We are set to close escrow on a property with tenants in place.  We knew we would have to either give notice to tenants or increase of rents and had planned on giving 60 day notice of either.  We just found out today that one of the dogs is a pit bull and our insurance will not cover this dog.  We were told we need to allow the tenant to stay at least for 60 days (the tenants have been there for 8 years!) but we do not have to extend that to the dog.  Please help.  Many thanks.  We feel terrible that they have been there so long and we have to do this.  
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1st of all, don’t feel bad. Most people know that there are problems renting with pit bulls. I’m surprised that your agent didn’t suggest that the purchase contract didn’t state that the seller would have to give Notice to Terminate due to sale instead of leaving that up to you…..An option is to refuse to purchase the property due to not being able to obtain a mortgage loan because you can’t get insurance. Mortgage Co. requires insurance for the loan to go thru. Check your purchase contract. Another loop-hole is you may find problems during your final inspection which should be done on the day of signing, not before…… This may get the “seller” to work something out with the tenants to help them move. This is not your responsibility. Your agent is at fault for not advising you of potential problems due to dog….. There’s a good chance that seller will talk of suing you and that you have to buy the property. You may also hear the same from your agent. Don’t get scared. Get back to me here if that happens. The seller may have more to loose than you and hopefully seller will be willing to work something out with the tenant, such as helping them financially with the move. I’ve done this several times. It’s a win-win situation. On another note – hopefully the contract states that seller is suppose to give you all $$$ received from tenant, such as sec.dpst..  -----Disclaimer: Since I’ve been answering a lot of questions, I thought I would make the following statement. I’m not affiliated with EZlandlord Forms. I’m just here (not sure how long) to help those that have questions. Having 40+ yrs with Rental Property and done well, it’s my way of “Pay it Forward (check out the movie).” However, it is up to you to become familiar with Fed/State/Local laws. I always like to know if the suggestions I offer are helpful. Feel free to comment anytime. Thanks in Advance. BTW...check out the Rental Property Organizer at Free Trial Download with data.
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