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tenant gets married however still living in my duplex

My tenant gets secretly married however still living in my duplex with her two children. One is 20 and one is 17.  The 20 year old is on the lease. She is behind 2 months’ rent and ignores any collection request.  She says she plans on staying at the duplex and not moving in with new husband at his home.  My question is now that she is married, is her new husband equally responsible for her past due rent and fees?  My thought on this is too send the past due notice to his address or better yet, his business address.   Please help me out I’m pulling my hair out on this one! Sincerely,  Lou Ann
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I would begin eviction proceedings. If she is two months behind and is refusing to pay or to catch up you are well within your rights to ask the courts for help. As far as holding her new spouse accountable for her rent, I don't think that will hold up as he is not on the lease and they weren't married at the time she signed it. If HE was living there too and she didn't add him as a tenant, you would have more ammo for eviction, but as long as he doesn't live there I am pretty sure he cannot be held responsible.
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