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Tenant not paying Security Deposit

Hi   Tenant  moved in on Jan 1st and I gave them time to pay the security deposit until Jan 18th.  Now it seems like the money is not available.    Tenant says he'll have money for Feb 1st rent but not for the security deposit.    I feel like the first money received should be against the overdue security deposit and then they would be late comes Feb 6th.    Can I start an eviction process for non payment of security deposit?  Seems to me it's a breach of the lease agreement. We're in Arizona.  What's your take in this situation?

Yes, it is a breach of the lease. I would certainly send them notice to pay. If they do not pay, then you may want to consider eviction proceedings. Tenants who cant afford to pay... certainly not ideal renters.
If someone can't afford the security deposit ... this means likely they will not be able to afford the rent.  ALWAYS get the security deposit AND signed lease BEFORE renting!!!
Thx Karen and Dawn.  You just confirmed what I thought.
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