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Possession on Property

My tenant moved out 3 months prior to her lease being up.  She left with about $790 in unpaid bills.  She also left the property in very poor condition with some of her personal belongings.  My intentions were to let her out of her lease as long as her bills were paid up, and the property was clean and vacated without any damages.  She did not comply.  She has given me signed written permission to dispose of her belongings.    1.  Is the signed written permission enough to protect me if I get rid of her things right away? 2.  Being she had a lease through September, when may I take back possession of my property and begin to lease again?  Would I have to leave it vacant and just claim an income loss?  *Need advice on how to deal with this situation, I am going to be at a huge loss with repairs, unpaid balances, etc.*
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If you have signed documentation, it cant get more clear then that with regards to removing items. With regards to owed funds, do you have a security deposit?  You can deduct from that for property damage, etc. You could also have this person sign a termination of tenancy.
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