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Collecting past due rent

We have a pretty unique situation and not sure how best to go about it: Our tenant was not able to pay rent for July 2013. Her lease ended on July 31, 2013. She kept stating she was working on getting assistance from other sources, so we worked with her. We finally buckled down and threatened eviction. She said she would move out and just forfeit her security deposit to pay her past due balance. We agreed IF she was out by the 31st. She wasn't and didn't move out until August 4, 2013. I told her if she wasn't out, she would be responsible for July and August's rent and all late charges and we would evict. This morning she was out of the property, most of her stuff was gone, but she left two upstairs glass doors open and junk everywhere, including moldy food in the fridge.  We can't evict her, since she moved out. Is the only solution to take her to court to have a judgement ruled against her? She owes over $3000 in rent and late fees, and that does not include damages as they have not been assessed yet.  Thanks for any tips or advice.

To actually be able to collect back rent, if the tenants are not willing to pay you. You must take it to small claims court. Have proof of eviction and anything that you can use to have the judgement in your favor.
Jupiter, Florida. The tenant lived there for 10 years. My dad passed while I was trying to have the eviction process started. She ignored me. Never received the certified letter...(Ya) The first realtor dumped me when my dad passed. Never telling me of any court date. So, I had to start over. No response, she has squatted for 11 months. Any chance of me acquiring the  back rent of 14,000. ? It isn't small claims court any more. And thats a guestament. I have HOA dues, along with taxes to pay. I'm  slightly underfunded at the moment...
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