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Security Deposit

State of CA. Mt tenant of ten years recently gave 30-day notice and moved out. I did not provide in writing requesting to inspect the condo for damage prior to this 30-day and neither did the tenant.  He moved out and my general contractor came up with $800 of material and labor to fix broken items and deep cleaning.  Again not including normal wear and tear items.  I provided the list of itemized repairs completed and along with what remained of his security deposit refund and delivered to the tenant within 21-days.  He simply has refused to accept any of this and instead claims to be preparing to take me to court.  Any advise?  I've fried reaching out to this guy via email to discuss this itemized bill but he is not interested.  As a rookie landlord does he have a case against me?  The only thing I could find in my research is that I should have requested a walk through within the 30-day notice to terminate the lease.  Any advise appreciated.  Thanks
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