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Final rent payment

I gave a 30 notice to my tenant to vacate the premises, which was expected due to the sale of the house.  She says that she is not required to pay her rent for the final 30 days because I gave notice to her and not the other way around.   What are the Maryland laws regading this situation, please.  Thank You.  

rent is due for the time frame that the tenat lives in a property, regardless of any type of notice. if you are living somewhere, it's often not for free! should have tenant and landlord laws posted that you can review easily about notifying a tenant to vacate. But I am assuming that you notified her in advance that the property was for sale ("which was expected due to the sale of the house") and so she knew she'd ultimately have to move out once the property sale was final, so it's not a surprise.  It's written in my leases that I'll provide 30 days notice to either renew a lease or that the tenant isn't being renewed, but in your case the tenant knew even before being giving formal notice that she'd ultimately have to find a new place to live. So unless you didn't tell her the property was for sale and this is the first she'd hearing of it, I don't see how she has a leg to stand on.
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