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Carpet Cleaning Fees

How are Landlords handling cleaning fees for carpeting when a Tenant moves out.  I thought it could be deducted from the security deposit but I don't see it in our E Z Landlord contracts   ??

That would be considered normal wear and tear. You can not deduct from the security deposit for normal wear and tear.
Mary Ann, here is the situation, I just remodeled the half double home before the Tenant moved in.  I put all new carpeting in the L/R, D/R Stairway, Hallway and all 3 bedrooms.  The Tenant had a small dog which I agreed to but over the course of a year and a half the few times I was in the house while they were living there the house smelled real doggy.  I know that I agreed to the dog but, do you think the carpet should be brought back to " as new as possible " for the new Tenant going in and should I pay, the old Tenant pay or is it fair to split the $ 250.00 it is going to cost. ???
In the original lease under security deposit was there a pet fee? If so that would go toward the clean up, also pet stains, odor and wear and tear are not normal wear and tear.  The 250.00 that it will take to get cleaned should be taken from the sec deposit.  Keep receipts and I hope you have the new carpet and updating reciepts from before this tenant moved in, just so your covered in case it goes as far as a court struggle.
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