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Oil Reinburssment

Me and my family have recently had to break the lease because we found a house to buy in the same town. We notified our landlord and they were not happy. Well that being said we had both houses for a month. During that month the house we rented I had to put 175 gallons of oil because the house burned so much oil and that was with the temp at 50 degrees. My question is when we left the house for good this evening there was a 1/4 tank of oil left in the tank. Am I eligible to get that money back or am i just screwed out of the oil i put in any help would be great thanks FINALLY OUT OF THE MONEY PIT
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Hmmm it might be hard, since you actually broke the lease. The tank couldn't have been empty when you moved in, so you might want to just consider it breaking even.
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