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Ex-Tenant will not cash deposit check

My previous tenants moved out leaving the house a mess and did not follow move-out prodedure stated in the lease. I had to hire a cleaning company and had to make numerous repairs, so the tenants only received partial deposit refund. 6 months later, they are still "consulting their lawyer," and have not cashed the check. Is there any law (I live in Iowa) stating that the deposit must be cashed in a certain amount of time? It's not doing any harm, but it's really annoying. After 6 months of "consulting their lawyer", they must have a pretty large lawyer bill!
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Hmmm that seems more like a "fluff" answer to me. It's def annoying, but there really isnt anything you can do to "make" them cash a check, none that I am aware of. I suppose you could consult with an attorney too, if it bothers you that much.
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