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Issuing 30-Day Notice: No Cause

I am planning on issuing a 30-day notice to a tenant. The tenant has never paid rent in full on time. The tenant has not signed a lease (which I assume makes it month-to month agreement), and did not pay the security deposit. Tenant has lived here for almost 6 months (under a year, hence the 30-notice is still applicable). So my question is, does the tenant still need to pay rent for the 30 days she will need to use to find somewhere else to live (after I serve the notice, since she will still be living on the premises)?

If the rental unit is lived in, by a tenant... rent is due. Who lives for free? Certainly, none of my tenants ;).
It makes sense that the tenant shouldn't live there for free, but from my understanding, just in case the tenant does not cooperate and leave the premises by 30 days after the notice is given; if I accept rent, I cannot start an eviction process. Or, I have to start all over the next month.
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