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Help evicting a month to month tenant in Philadelphia

Im currently trying to evict a month to month tenant who is occupying a duplex which I occupy as well.  Currently shes 2 mths behind in rent and has caused excessive damage to the unit.  She has only been a tenant since 6/2012.  I'm pretty certain she has lost her employment. Went to court this month to evict but the judge said that since I accepted January's rent I had to let her back in.  So I'm looking to find any information possible to assist in evicting this tenant ASAP.  Currently in the process of creating a  10 day notice to vacate.  I know legally I have to give her an opportunity to cure the issue, but I am not interested in continuing her tenancy at this point. Any pointers on how to expedite this process and assure her complete removal from my property ASAP would be greatly appreciated
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The best thing to do is follow your state's rules to the letter.  As the judge pointed out, by accepting January's rent, you basically had to start over.  If you're not familiar with the eviction process, especially if this is your first, you may want to consider hiring an eviction attorney.
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