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Storage fees

I am evicting a hoarder, the sheriffs are arriving on thursday 04/18/2013 at 10am to remove.  What is the policy in NYS about storage fees for the furniture and items that are left in the apt.  Her eviction from me was for 03/31/2013 which she ignored, the court date was 04/09/2013 which she also ignored.  Her removal is 04/18/2013 and I'm expecting the worst as far as her items left.  Do I have to wait 30 days from removal or 30 days from 03/31/2013 to get rid of her stuff.  And can I charge storage fees for the time I am forced to store the items.

I believe if their are items that need to be stored, you may charge... collecting such funds is another story. However, I think those funds can also be taken from a security deposit. Double check on your states website... there is almost always info regarding landlord tenant law.
Thank you!
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