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I gave a 10 day Notice and I made an error

I gave a Tenant a 10 day notice to Quit #1 I cross out a date of notice 3/18/2013 to 3/11/2013 which notice it before I mailed it is that still good. #2 I had mailed for someone to Post on door for me plus I've mailed one to Tenant was that ok for me to have someone else post ? #3 under Service of Notice I forgot to add the date notice was served, can I gave another notice with current dates right away or do I need to wait. Anyone please help me tenant could not pay for March rent and missunderstood a text I sent her stating I'll use the sercuity us such put she need to move out without stating the end of month . Lease says sercuity will not at no time be use as rent and they have 3 more month on Lease. any advice . thanks

Property is in PA.
I thought u had to go through courts to evict
sorry thot md
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