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30-Day Notice - Black Mold

I am moving now, because we haven't been living at our duplex for a week, due to black mold. The landlord had tried to fix the roof (cause of mold) himself 2 years ago when we moved in and obviously did a bad job. He told us to give him a 30 days notice and normally we would have to pay for this, but he won't charge us due to the situation.   I want to know if he is just being nice saying that we don't have to pay or legally do we have the right not to pay because the duplex in not a livable space? What is the point in paying the 30 days notice when we haven't been living there even the previous week because the space is unlivable?  Also, shouldn't he technically have to give us the money back for the days we have not been living there because of the mold that we already paid for?
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It sounds like the landlord is trying to do what he can to accomodate you.
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