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Last months rent

My tenet's recently moved out   with out using the last months rent : I only got a two week notice in the same month the rent was paid,  and they were gone in one week ," Do it still  return the last months rent" ?  

If they didnt live there, then prob so. Did you get a security deposit as well?
Yes, they did live in the apartment for about 2 weeks but they still had stuff in the apartment  and the keys  returned on the the last day of the month . I am going to return the security deposit with in 30 days  with out deductions because there were no damages.
It looks as though your post was cut off. The first lease you and Christine went into - Did it say it would end or renew month to month? If it ended that means she was living there without a lease. A tenancy at will must have at least 3 months notice to vacate.  Although you did have e-mails about a renewal. I don't know if that would hold up in court. Normally when a tenant breaks the lease, they have to pay the rest of the months owed, until you find a replacement tenant. I am not exactly sure what you are asking because your post was cut off, but i wish you the best!  Good Luck!
You need to consult with an attorney about this as I believe hold over tenants may be subject to an escalation in rent.  Also notice in Florida is based on how rent is paid, so monthly requires 30 days notice, weekly 7 days notice, etc...
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