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North Carolina Rental Abandoment HELP?

Hello fellow Landlords,  I am a fairly new Landlord in North Carolina, and I believe I may have a situation in which my tenant has moved out of my property without letting me know.  I received an email that her rent would be late due to a work payroll issue about a week ago and she indicated that it would be corrected tomorrow, Friday.  Since she has NEVER been late, I didnt think anything of this.  My next door neighbor of the rental property (I live out of state) tells me she has not seen my tenant in a few weeks and that her furniture from the patio is all gone....  I am investigating, but wondered if anyone else in NC has any advice about next steps if all of this is true...  Thanks for any help!
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I would advise you to go to the rental property to check it out, or have your property manager (if you have one) to go check the situation out. Have you tried calling her? I would contact her.
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