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Abandoned Personal Property

I have a rental property where 4 people were sharing. One of the guys has just moved out at the end of the lease but has left behind a mattress in the common area (a fire exit hazard) and a car (no engine - can't be driven) and car parts. I sent him a text a month before the moving out date to ask him to ensure he removed all these items. As of today he is no longer a tenant and they are still there. How long do I have to wait before I can remove the car (there is limited parking so it really has to go) and do I have to store these things or can I junk the car and mattress? Also can I recover the cost of the removal from the bond? I made sure I had a pretty tight lease where all the tenants are equally responsible for any damages. I live in Massachusetts.  Thanks Amanda

Each state has laws regarding notification time on discarding personal property left behind. Traditionally you have to send notice to the last none address, if the items are not recoved then you may discard. Would double check your state law, send notice then remove if not claimed.
Thanks for your suggestions
Hello  I had tenants who didnt pay the the rent last month, my husband and I had been calling and they never answer the phone. We called all numbers on application straight to voicemail.  My husband went in the house today and refrigerator and stove are still in the house with a bed frame and a mattress separate on the floor.  He tried calling again... he remembered they said that they rented the refrigerator and stove.. but they will not answer. How long do we keep the items before we discard them.  The appliances are not new but in good shape- can we sell them , what should we do!!! We have an address to the mother n law- where we are sure that is where they moved too.  Should we go by there....unsure how to handle this one!!  I am in Macon Georgia
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