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Unconditional Notice to Quit in Michigan  (????)

History leading up to Issue:  I let my step daughter move in in Oct. of 2012, a judge was willing to release her early if she was going into a drug treatment program.  Her mother and father couldn't afford to put her into a live in program, but enrolled her into a outreach program that was free, that she could attend 2 -3 days a week, that was near our home.  I reluctantely allowed her to move in  for numerous reasons.  Most important I wanted her to mend her relationship with her ill father and 4 yr. old son.  She served 90 days for possession of Heroin, but later told me she did Heroin for two years.  I gave her a list of 5 rules (no boyfriends, no drugs, no smoking in my house, get a job/ or go to college, and when she had any money she had to pay for her utilities she used monthly) inorder for her to move in.  She agreed to my rules verbally, and moved in right from jail.  The first month or so, she really made an effort to get her life together.  She went to NA meetings, spent a lot of time with her son, and father.  Then she started seeing a guy.  Eventually she starting having "0" patience with her son or father.    She constantly screamed curse words at her disabled father, and son.  We caught her lieing, and she even asked us to lie for her.  Once I thought we were going to be asked to leave Krogers for her profanity and rudeness.  I caught her smoking in my house, and I found numerous used ashtrays hidden around the house with cigarette butts in them.  She did drugs while in my house, not heroin, but pain pills excessively and marijuana, and she started having her son over less because she was either under the influence of drugs or spending time with her  boyfriend.  Last week she lost her temper on her son, hitting him in the face.   I had, had enough by that point.  I told her to make other living arrangements.  She blew up, like she often did either crying and screaming.  She told me she was moving in with her boyfriend on February 15th, and left that night.  She told me she needed 30 days to get her things out of my house.   We talked since then after she posted horrible lies about me and her father on facebook, and now she said she wants an eviction notice from me.  She said she can come and go as she pleases in my house until I evict her.  She was never given house keys, because I never trusted her.  She stole money and jewelry from me before she went to jail.  I thought since she moved out 11 days ago, and hasn't been back for more then an hour on two different days, I wouldn't have to evict her.  That I could just send her a certified letter stating she has till this date to get her belongings out of my house.  I was also told I could serve her with an Unconditional Notice to Quit only giving her 7 days to get her things out of my house, and I could then ask for the money she owes me in unpaid utility bills since she moved in, back in October of 2012.  I just want her and her things out of my life as quickly as possible.  I recently discovered a large whole in the wall (2ft. x 1 ft) in the bedroom I let her sleep in.  She is destroying my house.  She had money for cigarettes, fast food, pills, medications, movies, clothes,  constantly and has never given me a penny towards utilities.  I have done so much more for her.  I provided my grandson, her child, with a great Christmas, and I see him through his father who has physical custody of him.  I went to my local court and they told me they can't advise me.  I called my local police, and they said I should evict her, to protect myself and my property.  Can I serve her with a Unconditional  Quit Notice so I can get her out sooner?  She left on February 15th, and has only been back twice, just long enough to get a few things.  I want her out, her things out, and I don't want her coming back. Can I get a restraining order keeping just her away from my house.  I also want to sue her for damages, and for her share of my utilities she owes, can I do this?  How?.  

This seems like a pretty complicated situation, you may want to consult with an attorney.
Did you ever have her sign any lease agreement? If not, and you don't want her in your home, she is trespassing.
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