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Move-in/out condition security deposit statement form, be aware

I used the "MOVE IN/OUT CONDITION SECURITY DEPOSIT STATEMENT" form for the move in condition when tenant moved in.  We both signed it.  I then used same form that we both signed and used the portion for move out condition.  On the move out date, I walked around the property and I did not see any repairs needed.  I, then, wrote a zero under "total move out charges".  But, after they left, I pulled down the window shades and saw that it had been tore, as though their cat ripped it, there was dog pooh hidden behind the shed, and the refrigerator vegetable drawer plastic was cracked.  I paid the final security balance because it seemed that we agreed to the move out condition.  I realize now that my move out inspection was not through.  What happens if I find damage after this form is signed by owner & tenant.  Do I lose my right to deduct from security balance before I mail out the security deposit check?    There is so much going on during move out day, especially if there is a tenant moving in on the same day. It seems that there should be additional time after tenant move out, for the owner to find "hidden" damage?  Sorry, long, but wanted to be clear to avoid next time.

Poor seem to be way deep in it, too.  Remember, you reap what you sow!   This is a forum of no judgment or disrepect to others.  Problems are relative to each person.  Be greatful for what blessings you have, and stop acting like your a victim.
I am a landlord and really not going to charge for dog poo on the ground. If these dmages as dog poo and a torn window blind is all that happened then I would be pretty damn happy and send those renters my way casue  I have never just had that as the least of my worries...  I just had renters who I said could have 2 Horse end up having 7 horses. The horses destroyed my property during the winter. The to add on it they moved out early leaveing me a muddy mess to try and find new renters for the house.. I have now had to pay for the house being empty for 2 months so wish just had poo behind a shed not a field full of horse poo
Just be thorough the first time around, and you will be fine.  You now know more of what to look for.
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