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susana terrazas

I would like to know what type of proof do I need when i give the tenants a letter to vacate property after a month to month contracts giving a 30 day notice? Should I have a police officer escort me?

The proof would be the letter to vacate/eviction docs. You may traditionally send it via certified mail as well as post on the property/and or give to tenant. I have never heard of a police escort.
So you're evicting them? I have never heard of a police escort either, but It varies from state to state. In Ct, you have to have served a notice to quit delivered to your tenants by a US Marshal before you can evict a tenant, even a month to month tenant. And then once the notice to quit is served, file an eviction notice with the court that would also be served again by a Marshal. Since it varies by state, I would go to and look up eviction procedures in your state before proceeding, otherwise it could take you longer if you miss a step or don't file a doc correctly as the other post noted.
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