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pets costs during a showing of a rental property

I have a tenant with a dog.  Everything is legally done.  I am now showing the house for sale in the last 60 days of the lease term.  The tenant's dog is home all day.  I would like the tenant to remove the dog from the house when the house is shown to prospective buyers.  However, the tenant is a working professional and the dog is home during the day.  In the lease, I have the right to place a lockbox on the property for prospective brokers to come by at their leisure, however the dog in the house.  Do I have the right to require the tenant to board the dog during the days to facilitate showing the house?  There is nothing in the lease to address this.  The tenant is not denying access, but the dog will bark at people entering the house and this is counter productive to showing the property.  If the tenant is incurring a cost to board the dog to support the house sale, who is responsible for that cost?
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That is  a huge inconvience to the tenant, and I cant imagine anyone paying that fee other then the landlord who is asking of such. I do not think my tenants would comply with such a requirement, but you may have luck.
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