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60 day notice at end of lease legality

I have a lease that ends on "the 30th of April 2013."   In the lease it is written...  "This lease shall terminate on the termination date set forth above (30th of April 2013), except that it shall be extended on a month to month basis unless and until terminated by either party by the service of a written notice at least 60 days prior to the expiration of this lease."   Today (March 11) I received a letter stating...  "We have chosen to end our lease and will vacate the apartment as of noon April 30, 2013."   MY QUESTION:  Am I legally able to charge them until the end of May, since they did not get their letter of intent to move out to me 60 days prior to April 30th?    Are their any loop holes they can use to squeeze out of paying full rent in the month of May?   Thank you for all your help. Reference to specific laws would be most helpful!
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I FORGOT TO MENTION: I am in the state of Wisconsin, Waukesha County.
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