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end of lease, tenant having excuses to stay longer-

My tenant TEXT messages me stating this; Im having serious issues finding housing it looks to be mid-july before I can get somewhere right now. There is 1-3 year waiting list for HUD and they suspended section 8 housing across the nation. All of the family homeless shelters are full I really need patience and understanding until I can secure for my family. --   I know this renter is tearing up my home, and is just lazy and refuses to work and provide for her family, up until now we've had nothing but issues with this dirty family, leaving trash all over my mountain homes acre of land, the story goes on. WHAT CAN I DO LEGALLY?! PLEASE HELP ASAP

we did the 3 day notice, their rent was paid up, it was the termination of the lease. She wanted extra time to stay longer. we resolved it by telling her no, then when we went to post the 3 day notice they had a u-haul truck there, loading everything up, they were out by the end of the day, and just to be safe we posted the notice anyway, just in case, thank you for your reply though!!
Is their rent paid up ? If not start eviction proceedings immediately by sending the proper notice first and the  going to court and file paperwork to evict. The longer you wait, the longer they stay and ruin the place. Make sure you follow your state rules for eviction !
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