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Tenant Eviction

I have a tenant that verbally told me he would be out in may, he continues to push this date back. I have his space lined up with a new tenant already. He was suppose to be out June 1st and now i heard it wont be until the 15th. The tenant that is going to be leasing the space is being very patient but id like to get the tenant moved in. Any suggestions on how to evict him by June 1st?

In order to evict a tenant, you must proceed with an actual eviction. I would give the tenanta notice to vacate for sure, and if the tenant doesnt vacate, proceed with eviction.
I got complaints about a tenant. She got a harassment  order on the tenant that complained. I moved  her to another r apartment. I also let her move in a dog that I didn't realize attacks other dogs. A neighbor in that building complained about her and her dog. They say that the dog barks for hours. She then got a harassment order on that tenant. She also recently told me that she was arrested a few years ago for stabbing her boyfriend. Do I have any grounds to evict due to the numerous complaints about her from other tenants. Should I move the other tenants who are afraid of and are annoyed with her dog and her?
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