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uncollected partial lastmonths rent and krys

The tenants mivedbout after agreement to a mutal early term tendacy. And then made a partail payment to the final dues, with a signed promise to pay. Payment was not remitted and a demand for immediate payment was sent and received.  What steps do I take now do I file in claims court in tgeir new county or the properties county? Or is there anything that could be done?

You will want to file a claim in court of the county that the rental property is in. Any information for forwarding or current addresses will aid as well as proof of all of the communication and interactions that you have had with the tenant.
Ok thank you Richard, I have all the received notices and Facebook text messages, hand signed documents and a certified mail receipt of the demand for unpaid.
Oh do I file small claims as it is a partial amount under $1000 or is it a different claim?
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