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non paying tenant

We live in CO and used the EZ landlord lease agreement for our lease. Our renter initially moved in w/her and her boyfriend both signed on the lease. He has moved out, and now she may not be able to pay. Two questions- if she doesn't pay, what is the earliest date we can start the eviction process? I can't find a date to save my life as to when I can file the initial paperwork. 2nd - any repercussions for him leaving the lease? We found out only because our neighbors told us- she was obviously hiding it from us.  Any help is great appreciated!

Gary -   1) the time frame is dependent on local housing laws. Your lease should state the following: "If Tenant violates any part of this Lease Agreement including non-payment of rent, the Tenant is in default of this Lease Agreement. In the event of a default, the Landlord may initiate legal proceedings IN ACCORDANCE WITH LOCAL AND STATE REGULATIONS to evict or have Tenant removed from the Leased Premises as well as seek judgment against Tenant for any monies owed to Landlord as a result of Tenant's default." . You need to check with the CO court system for time frame statutes.  2) Your lease should also state the following: JOINT AND SEVERAL LIABILITY: The Tenant understands and agrees that if there is more than one Tenant that has signed the Lease Agreement, each Tenant is individually and completely responsible for all obligations under the terms of the Lease Agreement.  What that means, is that in the eviction suit you name both of them as defendants, but they both understand, that if one doesn't do their share, the other has to pick up the slack. She can then file suit against him to pay his part, but that is not your concern.
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