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kicking out a roommate that we have no lease

How can I kick out my roommate that is a bad tenant, we have no written contract, as he does not have an Texas Id or mexican ID, he is an illegal alien and have been previously deported from the us.  Can I disconnect utilities they are in my name, can I kicking out without filing eviction, cops said I have to file eviction because I allowed him to reside in my house.  My house is listed for sale and he keeps it dirty filthy nasty he removes the key from the lock realtors placed in a box, he has been sabotaging the rent, no deposit, no contract what can I do?
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You cannot cut off utilities - that is illegal by TX law. I would go through the eviction process. Even though there is no written agreement, since you have been letting him stay there you then have set a precedent which is essentially a verbal contract. If the courts don't recognize him as a valid "tenant", then you have grounds to have him arrested for trespassing. Going through the eviction process is going to be your best bet.
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