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Let my "Best Friend" rent from me with no deposit - now what?

I made the error of putting friendship over good judgment.  I allowed my best friend in need to move into our rental with no deposit and no lease.  I know by California law that puts us on a month to month 30 day lease.  She was there almost 2 years but moved out with no 30 day notice and left a mess for us to clean up and repair.  I am left having to send her a bill of almost $1200.00 for utilities, repairs, and unpaid rent due to the lack of notice.  How much time do I have to give her to pay it?
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Because this friend was not signed officially on a lease or sublease you are responsible for everything and the Landlord can go after you, always make sure that there is a signed contract in place no matter who you have move in. Also subletting must be approved by the landlord.  With a verbal lease you may be able to hold them partially responsible if you have proof of them living there, like mail that was sent, subscriptions or purchases they made and had send to the address. In short if they are your "Friend" they should be willing to help you so that you are not stuck, you did after all help them to begin with.
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