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non rent

our tenent died in sept.  he had a years lease till april 2014.   upon his death his sons assumned the rent for oct, nov.   they have not paid for dec. when i spoke with him he indicated he would not be sending  the rent as he did not have the money    i asked if he then would be out of the apt by the end of the  month   he said either dec. or the end of jan.  i asked if the rent for dec would be paid by the 16th of the month    i have sent emails without response.     i have to assumn i will not get dec. rent and that  they will vacate the apt by the end of dec.       am i able to enter the apt in jan. to see the cond. and if they have removed all their fathers belonging   and also am i able to change the locks on the door  this unit is in rhode island  thank you
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You will need to evict.
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