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I am only the property manager for this home in CA and the owner lives on the east coast. I have a tenant whose lease became a month-to-month lease as of October 2013. They have were doing well and couldn't have asked for better tenants. But then in November they did not pay rent and I gave them a 3-day pay or quit notice. they came to me promising to pay by a certain day so i agreed since this was the 1st time  since they started living in the residence that this has happened. Well it is now the end of December and I still have not received any rent money for the month of November or December. I have them another 3-day notice and they were to pay the full amount by today the 20th @ noon or turn over the keys to the property. They have not and now i am stuck. I know I need to get them out of this house that way i can get a tenant in that is able to pay in a timely manner but i do not know how to do it and how to do it where it will not cost myself or the owner out of pocket up front. I am trying to do this peaceably. The owner does not have the money nor to I to pay for any of this upfront. How do I get these people out of this house?
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