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Tenant moving out & promises to pay 2 weeks back rent in CT.

I have a tenant that is moving out tomorrow (8-31-13). That person owes 2 weeks of rent. What is the best way to make sure I get that money, hopefully without costly legal action. I am thinking of having tenant sign some kind of document stating they will pay the back rent owed to me. Suggestions? Property is in Connecticut. Thank you, Jim
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ADDED NOTE: I have paid for a storage unit in my name to put tenants belongings into a safe place until the tenant can move into their new place. This is being done with their full cooperation. I am doing this so the new tenants will be able to move in next week.  QUESTION: Can I put my own padlock on the storage unit seeing is that I am paying for the storage unit & hold the belongs until the back rent is paid? Jim
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