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eviction for non payment of deposit

I have had renters living in a unit of mine for the last 6 months.  They were suppose to pay the deposit before move in .  I had spoken with  the prior landlord and he told me that they would be getting a full refund of the deposit and they would have it within the week.  well long story short, they never gave me the deposit and had paid only 139.00 of the 575.00 deposit to date.  I have given them until the end of the month to get the remainder paid but have yet to see any of question is can I give them 3 day notice to pay deposit or do I have to give them a standard 30 eviction.  ( they also have moved in an unauthorized pet and have failed to keep up with several of the lease agreement terms) .  I can not seem to find anything in regards to non payment of deposit-termination notice in any of the Montana landlord laws?
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Sounds like you need to give a notice to cure or quit as they are breaking the terms of the lease (assuming your lease indicates payment of the security deposit and other terms).  Advice for the future:  NEVER ever allow anyone to move in without security deposit and first month's rent paid in full.
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