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No written notice/no utility shut-off

My tenants' lease ends on Oct. 31.  They are paid up until then.  The contract continues to month-to-month unless a 30 day notice is given.  I reminded them through texting at the end of Sept. to send a 30 day notice and texted twice after saying I haven't received a letter yet.  They have texted me and stated "...Our ETA for moveout would be the 30th.  So as of the 30th the house will be empty and ready for you to do whatever you need. ..."  Is this text enough to allow me into the house?  I have a feeling they aren't going to shut-off the utilities, because one tenant said they aren't going to pay them. I called NV Energy and it is still active and there has not been a request for shut-off.  He said they were moving to CA.  They will not respond to my voice mails or texts now.  What are my rights as a landlord, now?  I keep thinking I should go through the eviction process starting on November 6th to protect myself.  Any advice???
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Both parties can end the lease by giving notice. Why don't you give the notice instead of waiting for them to?
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