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commercial tenant

i am in court for evicition as a landlord. Evicition i sdue to none payment of rent for past 4 months. tenant has 3 months of security and is responsible of legal fees. so even after deposit is been used for none paid rents he still owes me money. after i get my eviction judgement what will be the process to lock up and seize his assets on the premise what i own. since his assets wont be enough to cover the money he owes me can i still go after him to recover my money. after i lock him what kind of forms do i have to fiil out or inform autority to seize the assets. that he can't be able to fight to get it back from me unless he pays me what he owes. or even payment do they have time frame. property is in new jersey.
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During the eviction process since you are in court you should be able to start paper work for acquiring the money that is owed to you. Do you have a Lawyer that is representing you in court, they should be able to direct you for which forms and information you have to get in order.  During the court process everything from money to possession of the property should be covered.
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