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Tenant breaking lease / wife only signed lease...husband left her

I have a tenant breaking a 1 year lease after only 2 1/2 months on a house I own, but now rent out.  I was paid first & last month, along with July & Aug rent, along with a security deposit.  Couple has been married a year.  Wife signed the lease, husband did not.  He left her 2 weeks ago (2 months into the lease term), & she has had no contact w him.  Questions pertaining to Nevada law: 1st - since husband did not sign lease, is he still liable for anything, or is it all her responsibility?  Do I need to contact him, or should she be my only contact? 2nd - can I keep the security deposit due to breaking the lease? 3rd - can I attempt to collect more rent on this until I rent it to a new tenant, or, can I make some sort of financial agreement with wife. 4th - if furniture is left behind, say it's the husbands, what do I do with it? 5th - since I now live out of state, should I just hire a Property Mgmt company to handle everything with the next tenant??
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