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eviction and void of year lease

i rent a unit to a women and her children who is on the lease, she has a male living there which i was not informed and is not on the lease. she has violently threatened in a harmful manner to another tenant on the property.. she has confronted many times for a physical altercation making many tenants and the women she is harrassing feeling unsafe and uncomfortable to live in this complex. i am in the state of hawaii, she made it a point to let everyone know she does not like white people, and yells obscene racial slurs to the women he is harassing. she also is going door to door stating she is gonna hurt this women. is this grounds for me to evict her and break the lease, ty
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Leanne, Sounds like your tenant has violated her lease in a couple of different ways: 1. moving someone in who's not on the lease 2. harassing other tenants  If you have police reports, all the better. You can terminate her for violation of her lease. It should be handled properly according to Hawaii rules and regulations.
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