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month to month rental

does one need to go through an eviction process

Yes even if you rent month to month, if you want the tenant out then you have to evict.  It's best to see if the tenant will leave on their own or just pay up and stay.
It is always best to have everything in writing. Just in case: no matter how good the renter having physical proof is being safe. Good luck!
I have a 6 month  they have been there 2 years keep house nice great that way . does not do outside very well but only paying $1900 a month ,, I gave them a rental increace notice telling them of my hardship and that property taxes went way up... But the guy is a ass and denied now there lease is up in 3/30/14 and I am giving them a notice that the lease will not be renewed...Now they have to vacate and I have to find other people wich i think i have... but i only raised there rent $190 ... So new rent would of been $2090... Now they have to vacate and the rent is $2290 still below the going rate in my area...
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