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Showing a property to new tenant while still occupied

My current tenant, with whom I am not renewing my lease, is denying us access to show the home to a new potential tenant, stating that it is uncomfortable for her for other people to view the home and look in her closets where her personal belongings are.  She says I have to wait until she moves to show the home.  Per the lease, it states we can show the home, with 24 hour notice unless the tenant is unwilling for good cause.  What constitutes GOOD CAUSE?  Not wanting someone to look in  your closet doesn't seem like good cause to me.  Help!!

You are entitled to show the property with 24 hrs notice.  If the tenant does have a problem you can alert her that she is breaking contract by not abiding or you can have the authorities involved. This shouldn't be a threat but an understanding and usually I have had good luck with the understanding. 24 hrs is plenty of time for the tenant to straighten up. Make sure that you have written notice to enter as well as email and phone call records to prove notice was given and enter.  If it is not good cause then she is hiding something that may be a breach of contract any way.
Yep I have a feeling this guy is going to give me hell too... He never wants me there when they are not there.. and or only on his time.. its like it doesnt work that way.. and to me that just says it all that he is hideing stuff to very unsocialble I can not talk to this guy ... So In Jan 2014 im giving them a notice lease will not be renewed on the end of March 2014 thats like way more than a 60 day notice they have been there more than a year ... Even tho in our contract it states 30 and they sighned it. but I need time to show the property and on top of it deal with this guy that thinks he can do what he wants... they put a new fan in the living room ?? without a work order or permition thats a violation there and I need my Nice Huntter fan back and they better not think they can take that down.. which notice should i use for this?? and the stove fan doesnt work. lights dont work does that come out of the deposit?? and how much can i keep for a proffetional cleaning co, to come in and do the wood floors, carpets, granit countertops they need to be sealed .. this was my home i had to move cuz i became ill .. and this guy is a pain.ugh
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