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Tenants "broke up"! What do I do?

So I received a call from the female tenant in my property asking me to add her name to the lease so she could register her child in school. (They moved in mid November) my first instinct was to call the primary and ask him what was going on however the only good contact info I had was her number. I pulled up the lease and found that her name is not on it nor did she fill out an application. The cops were called to the property and my primary tenant tells me she has not been helping the the bills and her kids keep damaging my house etc etc. then she calls and says he is lying and her parents are paying the bills blah blah. I told her to have her parents call me to confirm her story but I have not heard from the.  I'm not sure how I can "remove" someone from the property when technically there is no lease tying her to the home. Suggestions, comments? Anything would be helpful!

You can start and eviction even if they are not part of the lease. this is an official documentation that you will need to take them to court and obtain possession of the house.
You should have hired a property management firm as they are of great help in dealing with such matters. All such issues linked with my property are handled by Lone Star Realty. I would suggest you to hire one and prepare the lease documents for your house.
Trust me...I attempted to hire a property management company from the get go. We use one for another property we have however the town this house is in has very few property management companies and everyone I called either wouldn't take a house or they wouldn't take a small inexpensive house such as mine (an $80,000 older home). I am stuck doing it on my own.
The tenant laws vary from state to state.  Aslo, Missouri might be a common law state.  I am under the impression that common law partners are almost legally  a couple, but I could definitely be wrong on that.        The legal system fundamentally revolves around facts.  Document who said what, when,date/time, if they returned calls, when you attempted to call etc. and who was around.  Also, any communication with the individual should be in writing.  Save copies of it for ourself of any and everything that you in regard to this matter.  You are entering the legal arena of tort or civil law,  the basic premise here is "who has the most evidence".  I you need to go in front of a judge or hire an attorney  the more factual information and a time line of events will work in your favor.
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