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always late and problems

I have a tenant who has tried to make alteration to a new homes electric outlet for the dryer without permission - had to go fix because she wired it herself incorrectly.  We have had one neighbor complain of the dog barking all day and all night. The tenant is on a year lease and has been in residence for only 3 months. They have been late ever month with us waving the first months fee because she is in a new city at a new job etc., and was only 2 days late. Next month she was 17 days late. Now she has paid part of her rent but is still 11 days late and 120.00 short and  its one excuse after the other and we never see it when she says she will have it. Can we terminate her contract and evict her on late rent?  We cant afford to support her late payment habit.

Has she been paying the late fees?  How much in late fees do you charge?  What does your lease say about the due date?
Cut your losses and get her out now.  It won't probably get any better.
She has a 50.00 late fee and late fees are added after the 5 PM on the 4th.  She still owes 120.00 and will not pay me until the 15th and its always one excuse after another.
Don't wait until she wires the house on fire.. get her out
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