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Unpaid Rent

I am trying to figure out how to handle my situation. I told the tenant that she needed to pay the late rent plus fees by a certain date or move out of the house by the same date. She moved out and said that she would pay me the rent due by the end of the month and I said okay. We are now almost four months into 2014 and I still haven't received the past due rent and fees. I sent her a message stating that I would have to take her to court if I don't have it by the last day of March. She said that she would deposit money every Friday of this month and I've still yet to receive anything. How do I take this person to court when I am in Texas and she is in Georgia? I have a friend acting as a landlord in Georgia. Is it possible for her to do it or do I ? Can anyone give me some advice? Thanks.

I think that is only allowed if it is court issued. I think it is called court issued money judgements. I would also look up your state and city laws referring to money judgements.
I have a similar situation that I need advice on..... rented a room in my house to someone who has for the last two months paid late rent and this month has only paid me half the rent owed AND has not paid for her share of the utilities! I have asked her os of last night to move out--she says I am unreasonable to ask her to move out in 4 days...   But it is the end of the month and she has not paid her share! Can I just give her a 3 day pay or vacate notice? What do you suggest!? I am in Washignton state . I want her gone. Thanks
Yes the acting Landlord that represents you can be the one that goes to court in your interest. Make sure to have all communication and agreements to pay the unpaid money as well as any sort of records showing non-payment.
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