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hi  i have a townhouse in houston texas which i had put on rent starting on 15th april 2014  the tenant had viewed the townhouse twice before moving in  he suggested some repairs which we have made and still working on some, the problem is there is a housing association that takes care of some maintenance issues and then i have home owners insurance  so i have to check with both what is covered and what is not and then wait for the housing association to send their repair person to do their part  the insurance have not responded and we have paid about $400 for it  so i am doing all the repairs on my own and it is taking time for the handyman to come  now the tenant has written to me saying they will move out on 15th may and i can keep the one months rent but should return the deposit  also there was a roaches issue for which i have hired a pest control company and they have done 2 sessions and they suggest multiple more visits  can u advise where do i stand? and how shall i handle this?  as the tenant has said they have hired an attorney!  but they want to avoid that route and to be honest this is my first time and first property!
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Give them Back the deposit and fix it then rent it out
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