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Damages from unauthorized dog, missing wardrobes & security deposit

New to the landlord game and have had first set of tenants move out. Still a bit confused about what I can take out of the security deposit. They clearly had a dog at some stage (we kept finding "presents" outside) but we never actually saw the dog and the excuse was always that it was a friend's dog or that the other tenants had visitors with a dog etc. One of the roommates did say that the male roommate had picked up a stray but got rid of it. Did a preliminary walk through yesterday and there are stains on the carpet in his room that are clearly animal related. Also the carpet in the common areas is pretty bad. The carpet is only 2 years old - is this normal wear and tear? I have read that we should be able to get more time out of the carpet than that. We are going to try to have it cleaned but the carpet may need replacing. Can we deduct this? Can we charge for cleaning? Also because there are not many closets in the house we bought 3 wardrobes and a pantry for the kitchen (4 roommates). They put them together but they signed a document stating that they remained our property. They are all gone (I know they broke at least one). Can I deduct for these also. The apartment was newly renovated, new carpet and fresh paint. If you have to repaint after only 2 years is that normal wear and tear? We have lived in our own home for 10 years have done some touch up painting and our carpets are just fine so I have no frame of reference for "normal wear and tear" Any advice appreciated Thanks Amanda

If you need to replace the carpets, keep in mind that you can take the original cost of the carpets, but you have to subtract off 2 years of depreciation.
How much can you use from the deposit to have carpets cleaned if needed on a move out..
Beyond normal wear and tear is probably one of the largest security deposit issues. Stains on carpet that were not there before usually are considered beyond "normal wear". With that being said, any allegations used in retaining a security deposit should be backed up with evidence.
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