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Property Damage Forms or Information

I am in the process of repairing a very long list of damages that were caused by a previous tenant that admitted openly in writing that their anger got the best of them and they were the direct cause of the extensive damages to our property.   Now I am compiling the final accounting.  Does anyone know of a form letter or  maybe a resource where I could get an example of a final accounting letter and maybe some additional information on this topic?  I can find plenty on moving out, and eviction but nothing on how to reconcile damages or the paperwork that is needed so I can show the court that I have notified them of what I expect them to pay.  I am sure this is headed to small claims for a judgement and garnishment but I don't want to miss anything along the way.. Thanks for your input!!
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In the most basic for you just need to itemize all of the damages and costs to repair as well as any service you may need or labor. Along with that have photos and receipts. If you have all of this you will be fine in a court dealing. This site actually has an itemization form that I have used although I was lucky to not have to go to court. Just being official usually makes the settlement happen quick. I think this is the one  for the official money breakdown ,
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